It is a machine for the thermal treatment of different and various products located in containers. The machine uses a shower of water as fluid to transmit heat, but there are also flash steam versions. It is realized in different versions depending on the intended use:

      • heating to avoid the condensation of the low-temperature filled containers or for anti-fermentation treatments (drinks in pet bottles, sparkling wines etc.)
      • maintaining the filling and cooling temperature, for high-temperature filled products ( juices, sauces, syrup products etc.)
  • pasteurizers where a heating step follows a pasteurization and a step of cooling, for example for soft drinks, beer, wine and various products filled at room temperature.

Pasteurizers are built with surfaces from 3 to 130 m², with one or two floors; they are modular and allow substantial changes in the cycle, modifications in the number and size of the zones. As well as in the length of the machine, also at a later time, to allow their re-use in the presence of changing needs of the customer according to the product type, the filling temperature, the production speed, etc..

This machine is normally used to pasteurize products such as beer, wines and soft drinks

This machine is normally used to heat cold-sterile bottled-products that so that it’s possible to avoid the formation of condensation on the external part of the bottle

This machine is normally used to sterilize and to cool bottles and vases within the agri-food industry