Gripper chains

Gripper chains

The containers are picked up from the input conveyor and they are sent towards the two side chains equipped with soft rubber pads. The two chains and their containers are sent upward with a 90 ° curve. A vertical path and a next curve at 90 ° follows and allows the repositioning of the containers on the output conveyor.

The adjustment for the change in size is done through a wheel acting on different points through chains and sprockets. The curves are made up of idle disks around which the chains are wound, with tampons or with curved profiles of polyethylene at high density, according to need. You can have blowers, rinsers, descenders, bridges to allow the passage below. Normally elevators/gripper chains and descenders for cartons and / or bundles present the elevation of the inclined portion at 30 ° to the vertical.

The description provided here relates to an elevator, the configurations can be very different as well as the aims . Even the chain paths can be very different.


  • PLC
  • Motorization with gear motor and inverter
  • System for a centralized lubrication

General characteristics

  • Structure in tubes
  • Max Dimensions of containers 350 mm
  • Min height. 70 mm
  • Max height 320 mm
  • Max chains speed: 60 m / min
  • Adjustment: by handwheel
  • Motorization : motovariator of national brand
  • Supporto trasportatore ingresso
  • Input conveyor support
  • Safety guards
  • Electrical control panel

Gripper chains, descenders, blowers , chains buffers