Who We Are

Some years ago a group of engineers met and founded the Techno Team Srl.The company is young but its technicians have a long experience in the field of food packaging.Aim of the company is to provide specific and customized solutions for every need, through key solutions.The structure is meant to be a reference point for the customer both in the sale and after sale.

The specific areas range from mineral water to soft drinks, from fruit juices to canned food, from alcoholic products such as beer, wine and spirits, to oil, milk or products such as bread, pasta, sugar etc.The company also operates in other areas, like glassworks, paint factories,, box factories etc. ,which represent important shares of sale.The experience and dynamism typical of young companies are continuously offered to our many loyal customers.


Our many results and achievements demonstrate the quality of our production. produzione. Our company is able to offer the following range of products:

  • Rain belt type pasteurizers
  • Washing machines for crates
  • Conveyors for bottles, cans, jars
  • Conveyors for boxes, cartons, bundles and cluster
  • Air conveyors for empty plastic bottles.
  • Conveyors with chains in pads, for elevators, descenders etc
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Gripper chains and descenders for pallets
  • Switchboards and electrical systems
  • Reconditioning for the lines

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