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In addition to producing individual machines and transport systems, the company is able to supply complete lines. Of course the machines and systems that are not directly produced, are found in the market, where the collaboration with the very important and serious companies represents an essential factor. It is also possible to operate as “main contractor” , which included the use of machines that are directly bought by the customer. New lines may include newly built machines, already existing machines or reconditioned (according to the aim) ones. The Engineering Department is available to all demands. Tecno Team Srl has realized the bottling and packaging lines for all different and various products that are packaged in all possible types of containers.

Pet lines for mineral water, soft drinks, beer, milk, olive oil were realized in Italy and in various countries in the world. The same happened for mineral water, soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits, fruit juices etc. packaged in glass bottles. Also lines for canned drinks and carbonated soft drinks in cans, as well as fruit juices have been recently created. Numerous lines concerning the processing of tomato, sauces, pickles, jams and preserves have been supplied to many countries.

Lines for the packaging of different and various types of products

Lines for containers in plastic material, for food or chemical products

Lines for the bottling/racking of glass containers

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