Crate washer

Crate washer

The machine is always built according to the production line and customer’s needs and is generally made of a metal sheet AISI 304, boxed with internal close reinforcements.

The loading is done through a slat conveyor that feeds a tilter: the case is emptied from its dirt, which reaches a special trolley. After this stage, a spacer tape provides to adjust the power in order to obtain a distance between the crates, which allows a correct washing. The crate, entered in the tunnel, is hit over its entire surface by suitable water jets at medium pressure. The heating of the tanks takes place by means of steam, by means of silent steam heaters.

A temperature controller can adjust the quantity of steam to be introduced into the tanks so as to maintain the desired temperature constant. The machine has gauges and temperature controllers that allow a quick visual check of the operation. Automatically, a level probe controls the correct filling of the tanks by drawing water from the nets, through a solenoid valve, when necessary. The washing steps are normally so divided:

  • Pre-washing with mains water
  • Washing with detergent solution
  • Rinse with warm water

The access to the machine for cleaning and maintenance interventions is easily achievable thanks to large openable doors. The machine is also equipped with a variable speed motor for the towing of shutters and the advancement of boxes. The machine owns a safety system against jamming; it’s provided with output photocells to control the overflow, with filters in the suction pumps and Y filters. It is also possible to provide the machine with a raised platform and self-cleaning filters for liquids. The machine can have a single or double entrance and can work up to 8000 crates.

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