Dryer for bottles

Dryer for bottles

The machines in question are designed to eliminate the layer of water that settles on the body of the bottle after the pasteurization treatment or due to the condensation caused by a low-temperature filling. It is normally installed at the entrance of the labeler.

The bottle is dried by means of two series of manifolds fed by turbines. The structure is made up of tubular and sheet metal bent in stainless steel AISI 304. To enable a visual check, on the front and rear, fixed transparent panels of polycarbonate are mounted and on the front there are two openable doors in a transparent material. Inside, a conveyor slat allows the handling of the bottles. Lateral to the ribbon, blowing collectors are fixed. These collectors are adjustable in their inclination, height and sideways to adapt them to the bottle regardless of its diameter. In the upper part there are two turbines feeding two collectors each.

On the front side there is the electrical panel containing operating logic for command and control, as well as the electrical devices. Each User owns his/her own switch; it is possible to select the automatic or manual cycle. There is a photocell that reveals the passage of the bottles and for the automatic “on” and “off” of the turbines.

The machines can be supplied with different feature: it is possible to have the version with air at room temperature , or with hot air, according to the need. The machines are provided with one or more turbines and their blowers couples.

A variant of this machine is realized to dry only the neck of the bottle or only the mouth of the bottle and this variant is often used before the caps’ controls and levels’ controls , or before the positioning of the overcapsules in PVC or tinfoil.